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Correcting and contouring the shape of the teeth is a way to improve the aesthetics of people with chipped, cracked and uneven teeth. It is one of the few cosmetic dentistry treatments available that can be performed in one visit. Reducing the length or adding a few millimeters of smile direct club vs byte tooth-colored composite can add sparkle to your smile without pain or discomfort.

Who Can Correct And Contour Teeth Shape?

If you want your teeth to look more even, less crowded or have a smooth surface, you should ask our dentists about this treatment. First of all, teeth should be healthy and healed smile direct. Sometimes, with a little correction, you can achieve a big change that will show in your smile. It is a safe and conservative procedure that does not weaken the teeth because shape corrections are limited to small changes or are combined with all-ceramic veneers or bonding techniques.

How Is The Shape Of The Teeth Corrected?

There are several techniques to change the appearance of your teeth. Often these techniques are combined to achieve the maximum aesthetic effect. Among other things, we make "contouring, bonding and all-ceramic veneers."


After a thorough examination of the teeth and identification of any imperfections, our dentist will start a corrective process called contouring. The procedure consists in changing the length or shape of the tooth by grinding it. The teeth are properly shaped and small defects are completely corrected or minimized. This is done with special diamond drill bits, abrasive discs and rubber bands. Our dentists know exactly how much enamel can be removed to achieve a cosmetic effect without damaging the tooth smile direct. Special diamond strips are used at the contact points to achieve a perfect effect in the interdental spaces. Then the teeth are smoothed and polished. Anesthesia is unnecessary and the entire procedure can be performed in one visit.


It consists in hiding all natural and acquired defects on the enamel surface by applying a thin layer of composite to the surface of the teeth. After selecting the appropriate color smile direct club vs byte, the composite is applied smile direct club vs byte, pre-shaping the surface. The composite is hardened with a polymerization lamp, and the entire surface is then smoothed and polished. Bonding often accompanies contouring when correcting the shape of the teeth.


Veneers are made of porcelain and cemented to the outer surface of the tooth, and are sometimes made in conjunction with contouring smile direct. It is an effective solution for people whose teeth are more discolored, uneven or damaged. It is also a good option for people who want to get rid of the gap between the teeth (diastema). 

Usually about 6 or 8 veneers are made in the anterior section of the arch to achieve the perfect aesthetic result, and the smile direct club vs byte entire process takes about two weeks. Contrary to porcelain crowns, the execution of veneers does not require the removal of a large amount of tooth tissue. Veneers are made by grinding a thin layer of enamel and taking an impression on the basis of which the technician performs the finished work.

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Correcting The Shape Of The Teeth Smile Direct Club Vs Byte

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